Who We Are

Nancy Draude, President, Customer Experience Experts

Having over 20 years experience in the field of sales, marketing, and service excellence, Nancy Draude, President and founder of Customer Experience Experts, has a goal to help others achieve their goals!

Customer Experience Experts is a premier provider of support services to companies committed to sales and service excellence. As business coaches, consultants and research analysts, they help companies in all aspects of creating positive, memorable customer experiences.

Core areas of expertise

  • Conduct research of all types including assessment surveys of the company's brand, customer perceptions, and employee attitudes
  • Establish standards of performance
  • Training and monitoring for customer sales and service excellence
  • Sales and service tracking and measurement programs (PerformanceChek™ mystery shopping)
  • Implementation of effective recognition and reward programs
  • Implementation of effective merchandising programs including promotional, directional and compliance signage

Believing "What gets measured gets done", Nancy established a division of her company called PerformanceChek™ mystery shopping.

PerformanceChek™ is dedicated to providing clients with state of the art mystery shopping programs designed to give timely, accurate and meaningful feedback. Bottom line, customers vote with their feet and we tell you what you need to know to keep them walking through your door.

Business Ethics and Philosophy

As a Christian, Nancy Draude is quick to emphasize that business ethics and demonstrating a genuine concern for those her firm has the privilege of helping is important. Customer Experience Experts wants to help companies, and the people within them, be their best.

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