Standards of Performance

Some examples of behaviors often incorporated into standards of performance of high performing organizations are...

All Employees

  • Acknowledge the customer right away (Phone: How many rings did it take to answer?)
  • Greet in a pleasant and professional manner
  • Use customer's name
  • Speak clearly
  • Use good eye contact
  • Speak at an appropriate volume
  • Respect the customer's privacy needs
  • Listen closely to the customer's needs and requests
  • Maintain a pleasant attitude and tone of voice
  • Make customer feel like a valued company customer (or prospect)
  • Suggest products and service(s) without being pushy
  • Provide the customer with any literature to respond to their interest in our company's products or services (Phone: offer to send literature)
  • If appropriate, professionally refer the customer to an associate or other company specialist.
  • If appropriate, request to obtain the customer's name and phone number for proactive follow-up.
  • As applicable, provide business card of individual to whom you are making the referral.
  • Thank by name in closing

Customer Service Representatives Standards of Performance Check List


  • Stand up, if not already standing, when customer approaches CSR desk
  • Greet pleasantly and professionally
  • Smile
  • Shake hands (gesture of professionalism)
  • Introduced self
  • Obtain customer's name in a polite manner
  • Use the customer's name in conversation to personalize the interaction
  • Offer a seat (refreshment optional)
  • Make appropriate "get acquainted" conversation/friendly
  • Establish rapport
  • Use good eye contact/give full attention
  • Ask primary reason for selecting our company, bank, store, restaurant, etc.
  • Ask how they heard about you!

Identify Needs/Customer Profiling

  • Ask good questions to probe for current needs
    • Open ended questions
    • Closed ended questions
  • Banking examples:
    • "What did you like or dislike about your previous checking account relationship?"
    • "What are your current and future financial goals and objectives?"

Ask good questions to profile for future needs. Do this as appropriate for your industry. Some to think about are:

  • Address/Phone/E-mail
  • Family Information
  • Retirement Planning
  • Risk Tolerance
  • Hobbies/Interests
  • Occupation/Employer
  • Income Range
  • Purchaser of Stocks/Bonds
  • CD's maturing at other financial institutions (banks)
  • Permission to call, mail or email your customer with special offers

Ask Life Event Questions to ask as appropriate for your industry:

  • Just moved into the area
  • Recent marriage
  • Recent birth(s)
  • Other

Listen well

Presenting Product and Service Recommendations

  • Present company product and service recommendation(s) clearly
  • Share the benefits of your products and services in addition to the features
  • Demonstrate product and service knowledge excellence
  • Handle objections (if any) professionally
  • Offer alternative solutions/products and services if appropriate
  • Maintain pleasant, professional attitude
  • Use sales tools effectively


  • Suggest additional services based on information shared?
  • Provide appropriate brochures and supporting sales tools.

Closing the Sale

  • Ask for the business without pressure (ask for next contact if appropriate)
  • Offer business card positioning yourself as a professional resource for your company
  • Ask for permission to call customer in the future with offers of special interest
  • Place paperwork/product in an envelope/bag or other professionally branded packaging
  • Stand
  • Shake hands
  • Make appropriate parting statement using the customer's name.

Company/Bank/Store/Restaurant/ Facility


  • Clean and well cared for
  • Well lit (if evening or night time)
  • Clear signage

Interior (as appropriate for your company)

  • Clean
  • Organized
  • Maintain privacy
  • Literature rack well stocked
  • Clear directional signs

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