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Customer Experience Experts Research Expertise Includes…

  • Professional Mystery Shopping: PerformanceChek™ is the name given to our comprehensive mystery shopping program. We offer sales, service and facilities check-ups that measure what ever is important to your organization. Our professional shoppers are objective and accurate. We tell you what you need to know. Click here to learn more about PerformanceChek™.
  • Customer Satisfaction Research: We can assist you in measuring your customer satisfaction by designing simple surveys, conducting brief telephone interviews, facilitating breakfast or luncheon discussions, or holding a more formalized focus group.
  • Post-Transaction/Post-Purchase Research The best time to capture the opinions of your customers is immediately after they have done business with you. Post-Transaction or Post-Purchase research is designed to help you improve sales and service quality at the point of customer contact. We can use a variety of methods to gain valuable feedback from your customers, and at the same time, build goodwill with them that you are an organization that cares about how you are treating customers.
  • Closed Account or Lost Customer Research: Through a variety of methodologies we help you learn why customers have stopped doing business with YOU.
  • Product and Service Research: Ask customers about what products they like, don’t like, wish for, as well as how satisfied they are with your company.
  • Consumer Preferences and Buying Habits Research: We conduct surveys asking consumers what they like and dislike about local convenience stores, florists, banks, restaurants and more. The results of these studies can help you learn more about what people are saying about your business as well as the competition.
  • Advertising/Brand Awareness Study Companies invest so much in their brand, including expensive media campaigns. Customer Experience Experts can help you measure the awareness of your brand and the effectiveness of your advertising messages.
  • Competitive Intelligence Research Being aware of competitive products and service and how the compare to you is critical to the success of your business. Gathering this research is time consuming. Let us do it for you.
  • Employee Attitude/Opinion/Corporate Culture Surveys Businesses and organizations are simply groups of people. The group may be small or large, but there are often surprising connections between how employees feel and how customers feel. Our employee research methodologies help you gain insight into key organizational issues that can have a direct effect on your company's success. We help you measure employee attitudes relative to sales and service standards, resistance to change, company policies and procedures, supervisory strengths and weaknesses, and more. Effective communication is the key to solving many business problems, or keeping them from happening in the first place.

Bottom line, Customer Experience Experts can conduct almost any type of research you need, whether it be related to your customers, your employees, your shareholders, your market, or your competition.

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