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L.E.T. - Leadership Effectiveness Training

"How To" Tools for Supervisors

"How To" Tools for Supervisors A special program designed to help leaders enhance their current skills in an effort to build high performing teams. It primarily addresses how to confront employees with performance problems in a way that maintains a good working relationship going forward.

Emphasis is placed on the value of each individual team player.

Why is this important?

Leaders get promoted into positions that require them to work closely with others.

Too often, they are not provided with specific training which can make this role difficult and draining.

L.E.T teaches techniques supervisors can use for the benefit of everyone!

Research clearly shows The effective leader must be both a "human relations specialist" and a "task specialist".

In L.E.T. leaders learn how to:

  • Solve problems effectively
  • Practice "active listening"
  • Use a non-threatening, non-power approach to encourage better performance

Leaders also learn how to:

  • Resolve conflicts so neither person loses and each person gets their needs met
  • Recognize and avoid the "roadblocks" in person-to-person communication

The following are outcomes of L.E.T.:

  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Increased contributions of new ideas
  • Enhanced job competencies and skills
  • Increased productivity

Let us conduct a Leadership Effectiveness Training session for your supervisory personnel. Contact us for more details.

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