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Sadly, our industry can become a target of fraudulent activities. When this happens it hurts our company, our industry and our treasured shoppers if they respond to such offers.

Dishonest people have been known to defraud consumers out of money using the name of a legitimate and trustworthy mystery shopping company. Our company name, Customer Experience Experts has been used in the past, but thankfully we know of no current situations of this misrepresentation. Many of these messages with offers that are intended to defraud are coming via LinkedIn and are using different names of people with a "Ph.D." by their name. Customer Experience Experts does not recruit via LinkedIn, we do not send checks to consumers asking them to do mystery shops, and ALL legitimate email messages from a Customer Experience Experts staffer will have our "@customer-experience-experts.com" email address extension, or the extension of our partnering shopper recruitment and scheduling company "@summitscheduling.com". If you receive such offers from anyone else, we suggest you report it to your local police, and shred/destroy all documents you receive; you do not need to contact us.

These fraudulent activities can come through varying sources, not just LinkedIn. We emphasize again, we do not send checks to consumers asking them to do mystery shops; that is a prompt to you that signals the offer is not real, not from Customer Experience Experts.

We share your frustration and anger that there are people out there that hurt others through these schemes.

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Beware of projects offering quick returns for cashing a check!

We do NOT conduct mystery shops involving check cashing or money transfers. If you receive a check from someone posing as us for this type of project, DO NOT PARTICIPATE! Please report it to us and help us with investigation by sending the letter AND envelope to our office: 1317 Clayton Road, Lancaster, PA 17603. We appreciate your assistance! Legitimate recruiting emails from us will almost always come from an individual, not a generic 'recruiting' email address. Customer Experience Experts partners with Summit Scheduling Services so an email from us would have a personal name associated with and extension of either one of our company names. We like the personal touch. When in doubt - contact us directly via phone or email. We'll be glad to clear up any concerns.

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